My work creates a commentary on the morality of displaying animal taxidermy, using technology that the museum already has access to such as QR codes and Stereography.

Speaking with a Member of the BNSS I found out that the taxidermies on display hold no educational value, they're just more interesting to look at than pictures. Inspired by this I explored stereography as a way of presenting images that are 'more interesting to look at than pictures'. My work fits in the context of Institutional Critique, critically examining and promoting change in the museum.


How to use


First, click on the image you want to view and then select 'Go to Link' at the bottom of the pop-up to rotate the image.

Once you enter landscape mode, you may want to disable the auto rotate function on your phone to avoid unnecessary rotation.

Next, place your phone into the device as shown.

Then lift the flap so that your mobile is contained securely inside, you may need to take off your phone case to ensure that it fits inside. 

Look to see if the images align.


It may be the case that the images don't align perfectly straight away. Adjusting the position of the phone may make a difference based which of your eyes is more dominant. Alternatively, adjusting the zoom magnification will make a difference based on your phone size.

Pinch to zoom so the image fills your screen.